• Space

    We are experts in space object tracking, and systems modeling, simulation and analysis.

  • Missile Defense

    Our cutting-edge algorithms power our nation's homeland defense systems.

  • Business Analytics

    We help our clients turn big data into insights for business decisions.

  • Research & Development

    We are innovating in areas ranging from national defense to clean energy.

Our Business Areas


Exo has extensive experience in space systems modeling, simulation, and effectiveness analysis. Our state-of-the-art technologies enable the best data-driven decisions and solutions for system development planners. We also offer cutting-edge capabilities for Space Situational Awareness for both military and commercial space customers.

Missile Defense

Exo has an impressive, multi-decade history developing missile defense technologies. We are the world leaders in advanced algorithm development for tracking, discrimination, and data fusion. Our innovative technologies provide the "intelligence" for the latest missile interceptors, sensor systems and battle management centers.

Business Analytics

Exo develops business technology solutions that transform information assets into true competitive advantage. Our expertise encompasses data integration, analytics and reporting technologies that address complex business problems, provide insight into key relationships and enable strategic business decisions.

Research & Development

We apply our core technical competencies to a variety of complex and challenging problems. We are innovating in the area of computational plasma physics applied to space weather, hypersonic aviation, and fusion energy research. Exo also develops state-of-the art multi-finger tracking algorithms for consumer touch pads.